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AIB Asia Asset Management, Inc. (AIBAAMI) is a duly-licensed Investment Company Adviser regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. As the mutual fund manager arm of Amalgamated Investment Bancorporation, AIBAAMI was established in 2018 in alignment with the group's advocacy to provide innovative financial solutions accessible to all Filipinos. 

AIBAAMI is entrusted with formulating and implementing investment strategies for the fund it manages. The company's investment decisions are grounded in meticulous research and analysis of statistical data, all in accordance with the fund's established investment objectives and policies, prioritizing the welfare of its clients. 

Committed to the Philippine government's financial inclusion objective, AIBAAMI serves as a dedicated advocate and a fervent promoter of prudent investing practices. WIth a steadfast focus on the welfare of its clients, AIBAAMI aims to contribute to the broader goal of fostering financial inclusivity within the Philippines. 

Board of Directors

Robert M. Lehmann

Noemi A. Trinidad

Jose Antonio M. Romulo
Independent Director

Mariza E. Arcilla

Senen L. Matoto

Marie Arabella D. Veron
Independent Director

Officers and Management

Mariza E. Arcilla
President & Chief Executive Officer

Jonef A. Samonte
Senior Vice President & Compliance Officer

Fausto D.G. Sampang Jr.
Chief Finance Officer

Stanley L. Saguinsin
Corporate Secretary

Marco Antonio S. Palanca
Vice President & Treasurer

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